Friday, April 15, 2011

A New Craft Medium-and a Budding Artist!

Hello all! On my last shopping adventure, I picked up a pack of cork sheets(6) for only 57 cents!! Wow! These are a bit thinner than some cork, but I wanted to see how they would die cut. And it works great through my BigKick! I had to be careful with the thinner pieces, as it will tear. But I love the look the cork gives in a project! This card is for the Ippity Challenge on Splitcoast Stampers. I'm off this weekend for our annual Scrapbbok overnight in Berlin.......Ohio! Great quaint Amish country! Will see you all Monday!

I had to share my almost 5 year old son's collage work! He tells us "I craft now"! He's always coming into my room asking me for things to glue down to his 'craft'. So I gave him all these things, and thought that would supply him for a few projects, but he put them all on this 5x7 page! He even told me the gold wings on the owl are 'fairy wings' how cute! I did not help him at all with this, and I think it's totally awesome! He hung it up in our kitchen for eveyone to see! So that's my little budding Artist! Love it!


Emily Keaton said...

Pam, what a great price find on that amazing cork! I have a few cork die cuts I rec'd in a RAK and can't quite part with them yet. :) LOVE the collage that your son made--he is indeed a budding artist!!! I has quite an eye for design. I just love it when my kids want to join me in my crafting!!

Oh, and you're off to Berlin? I grew up in Ohio not 25 miles from there. Heading off to Amish country was a favorite day trip of mine when I was a child. The Amish bulk food stores can be such fun!! HAve a great time scrapbooking. :D

Meggymay said...

Gosh you got a bargain, love what you made. Have a good weekend.

Terry said...

SU sells these sheets, but I was never sure how they would work with a more detailed die. I find that chipboard can tear sometimes! Love your creation!! Have fun, but how could you not??

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous card! Love the cork accents!