Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Before and After

Well, my living room project is done! And I couldn't be more happy! Last Friday I picked out some pretty textured 'wood rose' wallpaper and started hanging it right away, and finished the room on Sunday. All by myself I hung this paper. Sounds bold, but I have never put wallpaper up alone!! So here is a picture of the before in case you missed it:
Terrible I know! :) And here is the after:
And a couple more angles:

The picture with the fan in the window looks odd, but this window looks into our breezeway which was once a porch. Someone just left the window intact when they enclosed the porch. And the fan is used to blow heat into the house from our wood burner out there. Works like a charm!
Here is one more up close pic of the texture on this paper. It really covers up the 5 layers of uneven paper underneath! So all I need now is some new furniture!!! Keep dreaming Pam!! lol

Thanks for stopping in to have a look, and a Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Emily Keaton said...

Your new wallpaper is gorgeous! I think you did a fabulous job hanging the paper, and that texture is fabulous!

Holly/Rubber Redneck said...

It is gorgeous!!!! You did a great job hanging the paper!!!