Friday, April 8, 2016

Thought Process of Crafter's Block

This card was made for the current monthly Joy Clair challenge following this color board.

I set out to make a black and white background with a few pops of color following the board above. After stamping the first images in black from the Joy Clair Paisley Bouquet, I decided to stamp some of the solid leaves randomly around. Ok, that looks fine, now to stamp, color, and fussy cut some of the flowers in this set. 

After about 30 minutes or so I was done. I put the flowers on the stamped panel and tried to find a pleasing place for them. Nope. So I took a few off, put them back, tried them here, tried them there, nope, nope, nope!!!

After being discouraged of that, I looked at the stamp set to see what else I could do. There is a solid flower image that is larger than the one's I've already used, and decided on that. After thinking for a minute, I just went for it and stamped it right on top of everything else using the light pink and blue.

I am totally happy with the way it looks! Whew, saved that one from the scrap bin. Now onto the sentiment. This stamp set has some lovely scripty sayings, so I was eager to use one of them. I picked a couple out, stamped onto some scrap white, then thought of what punch to use. Yes!!! I have an older paisley punch that would go perfectly!!

Off to the shelf I went reaching for it, GONE!! Oh no!! Not there means that is one that I gave away   :( Why do I do that to myself!! Ahhh, hopefully it's getting used by whoever it went to anyway! So, off to the other punches I went. And again nope, nope, nope. After debating for only a couple minutes, I told myself enough. I'm happy with the way it looks, it doesn't need a sentiment! Besides, I have the whole blank inside for a sentiment!!

So, that's my thoughts while making this card. The first real stamped one I'm happy with in the past couple of weeks. I must keep going on though, discouraged or not. Just hope I don't waste too much paper in the process ;)

Thanks for visiting and reading to the end :)


Meggymay said...

Your card was obviously meant to stay looking as pretty as it does now. It will be great for many occasions.
Yvonne xx

C said...

Thank you for playing along on Joy Clair April Challenge. I hope to come back and play again. We loved your card!!