Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Vacation Photos

I took lots of photos of our trip to Oscoda, Michigan, and I'll share a few of them. This is on our way out at 6:00 a.m. We stopped at Bob Evans for breakfast. Three quads in tow on our trailer, and the back of the truck is full of our camping gear. It's about a 6 hour drive up there, and we made good time despite all the weight we were hauling.

This is Lake Huron, very close to where we camped.

We did some sight seeing on our second day. This is high above the Ausable River. Then we went down below and saw lots of wildlife. Swans, turtles, frogs, and pretty dragonflies.

My Son and I took some time to play at the beach that was in the campground. The Ausable River is damed up in a few spots to create small lakes, and this one is called Foote Pond. The water is so much clearer here, my husband said it's because of the sand. There isn't any dirt to cause it to be brown. Lake Erie near where I live is not this clear.

The first photo is a hut that we came across about 6 miles from where we started. Obviously made for winter time riding. Some trails are for snow mobiles only, and this is a perfect spot to warm up. The second photo is a big sand hill that is fun to ride on. These are scattered throughout the miles and miles of trails in this area.

And our last night here, my Son and I walked to the very end of the campground where there are cabins and yurts to rent. I thought this was a pretty scene to take a photo of the river. We had a great time, and my husband can't wait to take another trip up here! The trail riding is great. You can ride all day, and never be on the same trail, and hardly see anyone else. There just isn't anything like this where we live.

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Meggymay said...

Oh Wow, what an amazing place to have a holiday, the scenery and the vast open countryside looks beautiful. You must have had loads of fun following all the trails. I can see how it is a place you will want to return to for a break.
Yvonne xx