Friday, March 25, 2011

Coloring with Pencils

Here is my first attempt at coloring a child image. This is a digi stamp freebie I got somewhere here in blogland. My blogger friend Cheryl is always doing amazing work coloring with her Prisma pencils, and she inspired me to give it a try. Check her blog here to see her work. I've been coloring with pecils before, but just using Crayola colored pencils. They do not blend well at all! So I broke down and bought some Artist pencils, these are called Kimberly, by General. And they blend quite well. They are watercolor ones. I think it came out well for my first try, the only problem I had was when coloring, the ink from the printer wanted to bleed. So I had to be careful on the edges. Now I'm going to have to find some cute image stamps to use!! Thanks for looking in!


Netty said...

Beautiful card and coloured in so beautifully. Cheryl will be so pleased that she inspired you to do this. Have a great weekend. Annette x

Emily Keaton said...

Yay for colored pencils!! I use mine a lot. You did a super job. Such a cute card! Have a great weekend. :)

Terry said...

Just a little cupcake! So cute!!! Happy Friday!

cheryl said...

oh hun,bless your heart what a lovely thing to say hun,oh so chuffed,you gave it a go,honest hun,if this is your first attempt you really have the shading down to a fine,art,brilliant work my friend,
tip for the ink,try setting your printer to normal instead of best,it uses less ink,that way and uselly works well for my images,another tip is to use your heat gun,gently for a few seconds,too,hugs cheryl xxxxxxxx